1. Accessing Digital Historical Newspapers
  2. Digitizing Newspapers: a brief look at the NDNP
  3. Expanding Access to Historical Content
  4. Expanding Access to Historical News (workshop)
  5. The Florida & PR Digital Newspaper Project
  6. The FPRDNP: Experience Digitizing Non English Titles
  7. FPRDNP behind the scenes
  8. FPRDNP and ChronAm
  9. Overview of FPRDNP
  10. Digitizing Historical Caribbean Newspapers

Education related:

  1. FL Digital Newspapers and Museum Exhibitions
  2. Guadalupe and Mexican Catholicism
  3. Teaching Religion
  4. Using FPRDNP for Online Newspaper Research (Media Specialists)
  5. Studying fashion
  6. Studying religion
  7. Early 20th Century Religious Movements
  8. FL Governor Catts: Polarizing Populist
  9. The Society Page: Women in the News
  10. Using Digitized Newspapers for Research (Journalism)
  11. Using Newspapers for Research: The Panama Canal


  1. Phase 1 Grant Proposal, plus NEH press release
  2. Libraries receive $325K press release
  3. Phase 2 Grant Proposal
  4. Gantt Charts
  5. FPRDNP handouts
  6. Phase 3 Grant Proposal: 


All presentations above can be found listed in the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC) under the subject “National Digital Newspaper Program (U.S.)“.